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NCSI 2024

Quiz Guidelines

In this preliminary round, a standardized set of questions will be given to numerous contenders seeking to enter the quiz. The top 12 scorers will advance to form 4 teams for the final round.

A 30-minute time limit will be given to answer all questions. Each correct answer will earn 1 mark, with no penalties for incorrect responses.

Additionally, two participants will be placed on standby in case of any no-shows on the final day. In the event of a tie, the participant with seniority will be selected

The 12 selected participants will be randomly assigned to form 4 teams.

The event will consist of 4 to 5 rounds for participants and include interactive questions for the audience.

In this round, each team will receive questions exclusively designated for them, and any leftover questions from the previous team if unanswered.

Teams will have 30 seconds to respond to their assigned questions. The subsequent teams will then have 15 seconds to answer the passed questions.

Should a team fail to answer a question within the 30-second limit, they can pass it to the next team. Unanswered questions automatically progress to the subsequent team.

For each new question answered, 10 marks will contribute to the total score, while 5 marks will be awarded for correctly answered passed questions. Negative marking will not be applied..

Each team will be presented with an image, video, or audio clip, followed by a question related to the content.

Should a team be unable to answer, the question will move to the next team. Teams will have 30 seconds for their designated questions, while subsequent teams will have 15 seconds for passed questions.

Correct responses to new questions will yield 10 marks, and for passed questions, 5 marks will be awarded. However, incorrect answers, whether for new or passed questions, will will result in a deduction of 5 marks (negative marking).

The team that buzzes in (press the buzzer/bell) first gets the opportunity to respond. Teams are required to answer within 20 seconds of buzzing in.

A correct answer earns 10 marks, but if a team either fails to answer or gives an incorrect response after buzzing in, they will lose 5 marks (negative marking).

Should a team buzz in before the question concludes, they will be prompted to answer immediately without the full question being read.

In this round, each team will face a rapid-fire of 10 consecutive questions within 90 seconds.

Teams have the option to pass a question if they're unable to answer and move on to the next.

Each correct answer earns 5 marks, with no penalty for incorrect responses. Additionally, teams can revisit any previously passed question if time permits.

In the event of a tie following the 4th round, the tied teams will enter a buzzer/bell round.

The rules for this round mirror those of the regular buzzer round.

For Audience

Interactive audience poll

This round is dedicated to engaging the audience. At intervals during the quiz contest, the audience will receive questions to answer.

To participate, the audience will need to scan a displayed QR code and submit their answer. The first person to submit the correct answer will be rewarded.

The first three team will get prize rewards.